map of china

China is not so much another country as another world. Cut off from the rest of Eurasia by the Himalayas to the south and the Siberian steppe to the north, it has long held a mystique and wealth that few in the west have understood. For centuries, it was the central Asian countries that formed the legendary Silk Road that linked the mystery of China to the developing countries of the world, while now it is the booming economic growth of the the country that has brought it to the centre of world interest.

China itself is roughly the size of Europe, and with a diverse topography that includes lush tropical jungle in the south, dessert in the north, beaches in the east and the Tibetan plateau to the west. So as one would expect, there is an endless number of travel opportunities that allow one to experience the country's rich and colourful history, as well as its dynamic contemporary culture, and while this includes popular spots like Beijing, the Great Wall, Xi'an and Shanghai, there is far more to see and do beyond those major destinations.

One example is beautiful Yunnan province in the southwest, a fascinating place to experience China's cultural and environmental diversity with its towering mountains and dozens of distinct minority tribes. And just north of Yunnan is Sichuan province, where one can set off in search of the famous giant pandas, while just to the east lies Guanxi, home to the spectacular landscapes of Guilin and Yangshuo, and further north, the province of Anhui is home to the dramatic Yellow Mountains at Huangshan.

suzhou, china

Another highlight of travel within China is the fabled land of Tibet, where one can explore the history, culture, religion and incredible monasteries from a base in the capital of Lhasa. Or for the truly intrepid traveler, travel beyond Tibet where adventures await in remote Xinjiang province, home to the legendary Silk Road centre of Kashgar, which can also serve as the jumping off point for travels westward into Central Asia and the magical Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Of course, China's capital of Beijing can also serve as the gateway for further adventure with direct flights across the steppes to the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbatar.

So what to see and do on your travels to China? As always, the best answer is a function of your own personal interests and desires, your own travel experience, the amount of time you have and the time of year in which you would like to travel. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the options with you.