tikse hornFootprints is a boutique travel company that specializes in providing customized, private journeys to explore some of the world's most spectacular natural and cultural wonders. The tailor-made tours that we create include destinations the world over, each designed with great attention to style, quality, value and every detail of the experience. And within our unique programs we are frequently able to incorporate themes that include 'World Heritage' destinations, breathtaking outdoor adventures, and unique cultural experiences, all along with the highest levels of service and accommodation.

With 25 years of experience in travel and tour design, a custom designed Footprints tour is all about allowing you to explore beautiful and unique lands in a highly personalized way that is just right for you. Understanding your tastes and preferences is an essential element in allowing us to create an itinerary for you that includes all of the places on your own personal 'must-see' list, as well as complimenting that with additional suggestions for touring and activities that you may not have even thought about. And while travelling, you will be provided with your own private transportation and private guides, each with the expertise, background and personal skills that all comes together to provide a truly memorable travel experience.

As a testament to the high quality of our tours and the passion with which they are designed, the vast majority of our international clientele is made up of our repeat clients and the friends and families they refer to us – in fact, it has been many years since we have even advertised our services. We also customize travel for many small groups of friends, families, and travel documentary and reality film crews.