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We are a tour company dedicated to providing the best in customized, experiential travel for our valued clients, with each trip designed to meet the particular interests and desires of the particular traveler.

Whether working with couples, families or small groups, high-powered executives tight on time or retirees with flexible schedules, we are devoted to providing the highly personalized travel services needed by those looking to travel when, where and how they want. Even after 25 years of creating special travel experiences, we still take great joy in building our high quality, privately guided tours that take our clients to some of the world's most exotic locales.

Whether you want to explore the greatest historical and cultural sites on the globe, experience adventure and wildlife in the world's most beautiful mountains, deserts and jungles, or relax in the finest and most exclusive hotels, we've been there, and can organize the perfect trip just for you!

Most trips include private vehicles and drivers, educated, private guides and a schedule flexible enough to allow you to decide the length of your visit at various sites. In creating each unique journey, we strive to also build your own special interests into the itinerary we create. Whether you want to ride horses on the beaches of Costa Rica; take a private cooking class in Thailand; study dance in India; go flight-seeing by private plane in New Zealand? Whatever, wherever, whenever, if it can be done, we can arrange it for you.

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We are also prepared for those who want to go even a step beyond that, with a world of experience in arranging a wide variety of exclusive experiences that go far beyond what most tours can provide. Whether you want to travel by private plane in Mali, enjoy a night at your own camp in the Indian desert while serenaded by a musical troupe, rent a private yacht on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, or even have the St Petersbug Opera Company hold a private performance for you and your friends, we've done all that too.

And much more… we've had clients work out with Thai kick-boxers at a Bangkok gym, practice yoga in Laos, and learn to cook in too may countries to count; we've arranged for wine-lovers to meet winemakers in South Africa, bar mitzvahs to be recited in Spain, and children to learn local crafts in China; and we've had our travelers enjoy belly dancers in Morocco, private photo journeys in Iceland, and even a kosher picnic in Finland.

In short, anything is possible, and we take pride in our creative and thoughtful approach to organizing the best in travel, and our ability to create truly memorable experiences for our clients.