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The number of terrific experiential holidays in Europe is ever-expanding, where countryside retreats, alpine hotels or river cruises can complement chic stays in some of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Whether you choose to stay in a converted palace in Barcelona, a crumbling farmhouse in Provence, or a fabulous villa on the Amalfi Coast, or indulge in special experiences like private cooking classes in Tuscany, hiking in the Camino Real in Spain, or sampling the fine wines of the Loire Valley, the variety of opportunities for travelers to immerse themselves in the local cultures just keeps getting better and better.

Europe is home to three of the world's most popular destinations, in Spain, France and Italy. In Spain, the rich history of towns like Cordoba, Sevilla, and Toledo, along with the excitement of Barcelona and the Costa del Sol, rugged hikes in the Camino Real, and the art, history and fabulous cuisine of Madrid all combine to create memorable experiences. And in France, rustic, wine-drenched Provence is only moments away from the glamour of the Cote d'Azur, while the towering heights of the snow-capped Alps and charm and romance of Paris make France a perennial favourite of those who return time and time again.

Italy is a famously romantic country where the city of Florence remains a highlight as the birthplace of the Renaissance. Around every corner discoveries await that include Brunelleschi's Duomo, Michelangelo's David and Ghiberti's bronze Baptistry doors to name just a few. Venice captures the imagination with its wonderful architecture, great cafe society and romantic waterways, while Rome holds the allure of great archaeological sites and chic shopping. And away from the bustle of the cities lies the expanse of the Italian countryside, where the stunning Amalfi Coast stands out for its spectacular coastlines and rugged cliffs, where brightly coloured houses, lemon groves and olive trees stand on terraced hillsides leading down to an aquamarine sea. Tuscany is the home of idyllic vineyards spread amongst rolling hills, while in the far south, Sicily remains an attraction with a wealth of art, history and breathtaking Mediterranean views.

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Of course there is much more than this to Europe, and many of our clients have chosen to have us arrange private itineraries for them to explore some of the historical and natural highlights of Eastern Europe with visits to Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic or the lovely Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

Others have chosen to head north to explore the Scandinavian lands of Finland, Norway and Sweden, or the beautiful Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, destinations that we have frequently combined with a visit to the incomparable city of St. Petersburg, Russia – one of the world's true gems for art-lovers to explore. While those with a thirst for outdoor adventure and natural history have looked to Iceland, where fabulous geysers, glaciers and waterfalls all exist in a fascinating land mere hours away from the eastern coast of North America.

South-eastern Europe includes Greece and its vast array of ancient ruins and beautiful islands, which may sometimes be combined with travel to the fascinating land of Turkey, a country that straddles the border with Asia, and has existed as a crossroads of history for thousands of years.

Throughout the continent, a wealth of rich and varied experiences await the curious traveler, so please do let us know your own interests and preferences, the time of year at which you would like to travel and for how long, and we would be delighted to discuss the options with you.