If you are interested in having a Footprints Custom Tour prepared for you, this how we work:

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1. Initial Consultation

First, we discuss with you where and when you would like to travel, and if you are not sure, we have plenty of suggestions for you and are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Second, we take the time to discover what your own specific interests are, and what you would like to do on your trip. There is of course a whole host of possibilities in this regard, whether it be cultural and historical touring, hiking and adventure, exploring natural history, engaging in authentic cooking classes, relaxation and spiritual pursuits with yoga and meditation, or just finding that idyllic, palm-fringed tropical beach to rest up before coming home. Of course there are many more options in this regard, and in the past we have organized all kinds of trips that cater to particular interests that range from photography to Jewish cultural history in India – so whatever your passion, just let us know, for in short, the more background you can provide us with on your own interests, the better we can design the perfect trip for you.

Third, you let us know in what manner you would like to travel (the vast majority of our trips are designed for you with private guides and private transportation), the pace at which you like to move, and what style of accommodations you prefer (fine boutique properties, 5 star deluxe hotels, etc.).

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2. Preparation of a draft itinerary and "ballpark" price

Then, utilizing our extensive personal travels around the globe, 25 years of experience in designing itineraries, and our worldwide network of trusted travel professionals, we will get to work on constructing a draft itinerary for you, along with a price for your trip. Once you have had a chance to study the itinerary, and understand just what we can do for you, you can decide whether you would like us to continue to work on your trip. If you choose to proceed, we then require a deposit payment toward the cost of your trip. (Trip cancellation insurance is also available, and highly recommended.)

3. Fine Tuning

Once we have received your deposit payment, we will continue to work on planning your trip, tinkering with and fine-tuning the itinerary until you are satisfied that we have come up with the perfect trip for you.

4. Pre-Departure Materials

We then prepare a complete package of pre-departure materials for you, including everything from information on visas and vaccinations, to what-to-bring lists and background information about your destination.

5. Final Payment

The final payment for your trip becomes due two months prior to departure.